Jamuna has a progressive management team committed in recruiting and developing the best and talented resources in the apparel manufacturing industry. It believes in continuous human resource development and provides all employees with extensive training and counseling.
We provide the following facilities and benefits to its workers with excellent working atmosphere.
• House rent, transport allowances and medical allowances are paid to the employees every month.
• Maternity leave benefits for 16 weeks as per Labor Act 2006 and Labor Rule 2015.
• Day care center located in our premises.
• Our medical centers are fully equipped with hospital beds and all other necessary equipment, where we have a doctor and nurse to look after our employee’s medical needs.
• Pure drinking water outlets ensure that quality of the water that is supplied to our employees, as per standard.
• Lockers – all employees are provided lockers for their personal belongings.
• Prayer rooms – ladies and gents have separate prayer rooms, where they can accessible any time during the working hours.
• Bonus Opportunity‐ bonus is paid prior to each of the two Eid Festivals.
• We have completely computerized attendance and payroll system and we provide computer generated pay slips for all our employees.
• Safety programs, drills to prepare for emergencies.
We highly practice to maintain safe working environment in our entire premises, we comply with all the regulatory boards of health and safety standards as required. Jamuna Fashion is certified by BSCI, ACCORD, Alliance, Wrap, Oko-tex, Organic Cotton etc.